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  • How do I change my address?

    For your account protection, address changes must be in writing with your signature.  Please complete this form with a signature and fax, mail or drop it off at either branch.

  • I didn’t receive a 1099-INT tax form.  Why?

    Federal law requires dividends be reported only if you earn more than $10.  If you did not earn at least $10 in dividends, you will not receive a 1099-INT form. You can also check your annual dividends in PCExpress.

  • What are ACH warehouse items?  When will they be in my account?

    This feature in PCExpress allows you to see incoming deposits or withdrawals before they are posted to your account.  The date on the ACH warehouse record will tell you when it will be deposited or withdrawn. You should not write checks against warehoused items until they are deposited to your account.

  • What is your Routing/ABA #?

    Our ABA/routing number (found on your checks) is 275082471.  It is also found at the bottom of any of our website pages.



  • How do I make a principal-only payment?
    You can make additional payments anytime by mailing a check, stopping by, or using our night depository at either office.  Please indicate that this is a principal-only payment.

  • How do I make a change to my automatic loan payment?
    Please contact either office a minimum of 10 days prior to your scheduled payment date to fill out a new authorization form.

  • Where do I find current information about student loans, interest rates, and different options?
    Visit www.GLHEC.org

  • How does daily interest work? 
    Daily interest is calculated based on the loan balance and interest rate and accrues each day. Your interest amount is based on the number of days between payments. Since the number of days in a month differ, it is typical to have a different number of days for accrued interest.

  • Why is there a difference between balance and payoff?
    Interest is accrued daily on most loans; therefore, a loan payoff changes every day and includes daily interest since the last payment.  To get payoff information, please contact either branch.

  • Do you offer investment or vacation home loans?
    At this time, we only offer refinanced home loans on a primary residence.  Some members use their primary home's equity to finance investment or vacation homes.


  • What are authorization holds?  Why is that amount not available to use in my account?
    As soon as you use your debit card, that amount is held as an authorization and immediately removed from your available funds.

  • My debit card expires, for example, in January.  When will I receive an updated one?

    Your debit card may be used the entire month of January.  You will receive an updated one mid-month.  The PIN remains the same. 

  • Can I pick my pin #?

    At this time, we do not offer that option.  To protect your account, never write down your PIN on your card.

  • I forgot my PIN?  Can you tell me what it is?

    For security purposes, we do not know your PIN.  We can only send you a PIN reminder if you forget it.

    • What do I do if my debit card was stolen/lost?

      Please call 1.800.236.2442 immediately to report it lost or stolen.  To order a replacement, you will need to call AppleTree during normal business hours.  The phone number is also found on any of our website pages.


    • How do I order checks?
      Please review your choices here, and then order online when it's convenient for you.  Or call one of our offices, we can ‚Äčtake care of it, too!

    • I would like to deposit/withdraw electronically from my money market account.  What do I need?
      You will need our routing number and the 10-digit account number found on the bottom of the check.  If you do not have checks, please call either office for this information.  The money market account is considered a CHECKING ACCOUNT.  The minimum withdrawal amount is $300.


    • How do I set up a tax return refund?
      You will need our routing number and your 10-digit account number found on the bottom of your checks.  If you will be depositing to savings, please use your member number.

    • How to set up an automatic transfer?
      If you would like a regular transfer from your AppleTree account, i.e. from savings to checking, you can set these up in PCExpress under the transactions tab.



    • What information do I need to set up PCExpress?

      The primary member’s information is needed to set up, unlock, and use PCExpress.  Simply click "Not Enrolled? Enroll today." and get started!


    • What are the maximum contributions for an IRA?

      Please see the IRS’s website for this information. 
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    Routing/ABA # 275082471
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